Can You Swim With Dolphins?

Your desired experience, physical abilities and budget determine whether you can swim with dolphins. Additionally, your comfort level and sense of adventure influence where you swim.

Can You Swim With Dolphins?

Types of Dolphin Swims

There are two types of dolphin swims: contained training habitat swims and swims with wild dolphins.


Dolphin swims are priced depending on location and site, exposure to the dolphins, and the length of the swim. On-site dolphin encounters can cost $75 to several hundred dollars, but multiple day wild dolphin excursions can run into thousands.

Swim Packages

Contained swims guarantee interaction with dolphins. Make sure that you can have the experience you want since prices, dolphin interaction and activities vary.

Can You Swim With Dolphins?

Dolphin Personalities

Dolphins are friendly, but in the wild they can be unpredictable. Dolphins in captivity are accustomed to human contact and trainers.

Safety Considerations

Tourists should be aware that sharks feed on dolphins, so humans interacting with wild dolphins could be in danger if dolphins get nervous or if predators approach.

Physical Restrictions

Contained dolphin swims are safe for most people, and there are even special needs programs available. Wild dolphin swims should not be attempted by weak swimmers or those who can’t easily get in and out of a boat.