Rental Management Program: What Must You Choose, Cloud Or Local?

Rental management is the ideal software to be able to take full control of real estate leases, regardless of type (flats, garages, premises, storage rooms, etc.). This rental management software meets all the needs arising from the management and administration of rentals, allow you to take full control of tenants, supported by numerous listings and reports. It has desktop versions and the Cloud version with data in the cloud so you can access data from anywhere.

Unlimited management

Thanks to the powerful database manager, there are no record limits that you can manage with Rental management software, so you can manage as many properties as you wish. Complete sheets of tenants where you can store and consult any information about them, design of rental agreements, generating the official VAT and IRPF models including numerous exercise settlement models, generating the annual statement of operations with third parties, there are so much thing to do with this software.

You can read the Tokeet customer reviews to know the positive effects of rental management software. It is a multi-user application, allow you to work in a network from several computers simultaneously. It incorporates an attached documentation system, where you can design documents in Word, PDF or Excel and attach them to the property, so when you locate a property or tenant you can quickly access all your information, including all documents associated with the owner

Conclusion: unlimited power

Rental management software is the most versatile and configurable management software on the market. It can be used from owners who manage their own rents to large companies that manage the rents of numerous owners or companies. The innovative information management system allows you to quickly locate the properties and tenants and generate the necessary listings.