Why Buy Home In Treasure At Tampines Condo?

While buying a home, every person wants to choose the one best where they can get great convenience and comfort and able to live a healthy life. The Treasure at Tampines is convenient for every homeowner as it is located in the Tampines heartland where it becomes easy for you to access supermarket, mall, school and any other places with comfort.

Convenience and accessibility

Whether you want to buy grocery for your home or you want to enjoy some time with your friends in the park, it is beneficial for you to access anything with ease at Treasure at Tampines condo. The Treasure at Tampines is a few minutes away from the Simei MRT. In addition to this, you can also visit the Changi General Hospital within few minutes if you need any medical checkups.

Lots of amenities

You will not face any kind of issues and problem to find necessities and entertainment in Treasure at Tampines condo because there are all things available required for you to live an smooth life. Parking lots, Tampines Mall, Century square and many more retail stores are available around the area from where you can buy any product or thing required for day to day life. If you want to enjoy a meal with your friends and family at a restaurant then you can also find different restaurants near to the Treasure at Tampines condo where you can access easily without any transportation expenses and able to enjoy your food in an effective manner.


It is very affordable for you to live in Treasure at Tampines because you can easily access to school, parks, an office place and many other things in an effective manner. If you have a home in Treasure at Tampines then you do not have to spend hassle and money in the traveling expenses that make your life easy and enjoyable.