Harry Potter The Hogwarts Mystery: The Addiction

Harry Potter, the name every 90s kid has grown up with and had bought about a revolution in the bestselling novel market. The story about the orphan boy who discovered himself to be a witch, who attended Howart Witchcraft School to train himself perform his magic and his journey through it.

The game

Harry potter the Hogwarts mystery is an android and iOS based game that has been developed on the background of the famous wizarding-world franchise by J.K. Rowling. The game has been developed by Jam City and was launched in April 2018. This game has certainly gained enough popularity to be one of the most downloaded games on Apple store and Google play store. The game follows the story of the protagonist which is customizable and his quest in solving the mysteries that takes place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can learn spells, perform magic, give magic exams and solve mysteries during the course of this enthralling game.

The Hack

Playing through any game people look for the cheats, tips and tricks for this game as going the regular way by playing it level by level is not their thing. It’s hard to find cheats for this game because it runs on android and iOS but if it is Harry Potter the Hogwarts Mystery Cheats Deutsch that you are looking for then you may instead go for its tips and tricks which work equally well and will surely make your getting through the quests easier. Talking about the tips and tricks we must first look for the things that are of utmost importance in the game like energy bar, friendship with your schoolmate etc. Most of the tricks revolve around managing these few resources in order to pursue the game’s plot. Some tricks like gathering free secret energy easter-eggs will work wonders for players who are very keen to know every nook and corner of the game, other tips like improving flying skill require more time and are fit for die hard fans. One can find many such tips on the internet to help them complete this beautifully crafted game.

As the novel series has ended and so has its film series, this game is surely a boon for those die hard fans who can never get enough of the craze called Harry Potter. Kuddos to its developer and a heartfelt gratitude to the team.