Be A Magnet For Positive Relationships

There are many available references that provide advice and tips on how to attract positive relationships. These references may approach the subject of attracting positive relationships mentally, spiritually, or physically. It may focus on loving oneself first or loving others first instead.

While you are reading this, you might already have a preference as to which approach you feel will work for you. You can be right. Any of the approach mentioned above has a part in them that works. However, sticking to only one approach may not be truly helpful. Positive relationships are further developed when our thinking, beliefs, and actions work together to strengthen our love for the people around us and ourselves.

So, let me give you one advice from each approach that I feel will help you become a magnet for positive relationships.

  1. Be positive. The energy you give is also the kind of energy you receive. If positive energy emanates from you then you will also be surrounded by positively energized individuals. Positively energized individuals are people you can create positive relationships with. Think positively.
  2. Be grateful. Most times we are spiritually drained because we forget to be grateful. Blessings are not only the “big things”. Learn to appreciate and be thankful even for the littlest and tiniest wonders that happen in your daily life. Simply acknowledging and seeing breathing as a gift or miracle can make a huge contribution in creating positivity. And when you give positive energy you also attract positive energy.
  3. Be healthy. Health affects our mood or thinking. When we are not healthy we feel slow, tired, and unable to accomplish tasks therefore creating negative thinking. The physical aspect in positive relationships has different stages. Whichever stage you are in make sure you have a schedule for exercise and proper sleep, have a healthy diet and perhaps take vitamins, and make sure that the supplements you take are FDA approved. Some, who are in the romance phase, have taken spanish fly supplements that are not FDA approved which eventually created medical and health problems for them.

This list may not be the most complete as compared to other references that are available. It emphasizes, however, that to be a magnet for positive relationships the alignment of the mind, spirit, and body towards loving the people around us and ourselves are required.