The Case Behind Boycotting $5k Turbo Series Event: Hearing The Story Form The Poker Players Themselves

Poker players have largely benefitted from the field of online poker stars and the immense contribution as well has generated huge profits in the recent years. The basic fact that has come up lately is the boycotting of the Turbo series event that keeps regular restrictions on the type of game to be played with new set of rules all the time.

The event was also boycotted by top MTT players as well, as they felt the need to bring in a change and raise the voices has rightfully arrived. Whether it’s Poker online or BandarQ, one likely give the fact the stakes have been raised too much, in spite of frequent oppositions from the top players as well. This ensures that the freedom to play poker anywhere and everywhere is snatched away from the players and thus, most of them are forced to submit to the non-sensical rules that actively are on the rise in the arena.

What are the possible prospects of the boycotting event?

The increase in the rake is continuously on a rise and one cannot stop them, owing to the liberal authorities who think of including other measures as well. But the due fact is that, most of the players are unhappy about the decision and the will to play poker depends totally upon the interests of the individuals. This is the primary and sole reason as to why the boycott has been supported by the top poker stars as well, simply due to the fact that it is simply extraction of the basic playing rights. Although the event had other plans, a proper investigation about the case and other issues are being dealt with and proper probing would result in some immediate action being taken altogether.