What do you need Computer Repair or Support? Let’s know the difference

The computer is an electronic device is bind to have troubles as they have a large amount of hardware, software, and drivers. If you are in a similar situation, you need a computer doctor but how to select the appropriate service is a big concern. Living in Lancaster, We also researched a lot on “Computer repair Lancaster”. Here are our findings.

General causes of computer problems

  • Hardware failure or confliction
  • Obsolete Software
  • Outdated and improper software
  • Programming error
  • Unregulated Power Supply
  • Basic reasons like Dust, dirt or Heat
  • User error, viruses, malware, etc

As such there are countless reasons computer might not work and whether to go to repair shop technician or for specialized services of computer support companies. Read further.

Computer Repair and Computer support differentiation

Both deal in aspects of computer and IT services as such confusion is quite obvious. But whether you need a general Physician or a Specialist depends on your illness.

What computer Repair professionals are apt to do?

  • Adding, removing, breaking or fixing computer’s hardware and software
  • Repairing Physical damage of any kind
  • Repair and installation of hardware
  • Installation, uninstallation, configuration and any changes required in software
  • Consultation and purchasing advice
  • Physical visits are mandatory, whether professional comes home or you take to Repairing location
  • System Backup, cleanup, and Virus Removal

On the contrary, what computer support Companies provide

  • Long term hardware and software management by even accessing your computer remotely
  • Manage network, servers, and website
  • No physicality necessary and your problems can be resolved even through phone, email and internet chats, you just need internet access, no matter how remote your location is
  • IT Managed services with a full team of professionals who particularly provide you customized services

Your decision largely depends upon the troubles being faced and whether it’s household or a business entity wherein you are facing concerns. Choose wisely.