You can use various tactics while playing paintball. In some cases, the rules of the game might be different or you can even set some particular aims for each round. Bunny Hunt, for example, is one of the popular paintball styles you can use during the play time. However, you have to follow specific rules that belong to that particular style if you want to play it in accordance with the proper requirements and get real paintball.

The Style

The basic of Bunny Hunt is that one person has to compete against all others. They will have a chance to hunt that individual who will play a bunny. However, the bunny has better privileges than other players because he fights alone against many. For example, the bunny might use a semi-automatic paintball rifle, while other players might not such an opportunity.

The hunters are also typically restricted from twenty to thirty paintballs during the game, while the bunny has an unlimited number of paintballs and can use as many as he wants. Bunny Hunt lasts somewhere from twenty to thirty minutes, and the bunny has an opportunity to star first several minutes earlier than the hunters.

How to Play

They, however, all start at the same time after a signal that notifies an official beginning of the hunt. The area is limited for the hunters, and they have to stay within the field in order to avoid elimination. The best tactic for the bunny is to keep moving as much as he can because it is not overly smart to stay in the same place all the time.

When the bunny hits hunters, they are automatically eliminated from the game and that’s why they cannot disclose the bunny’s correct position to other hunters. Obviously, this is an awesome game that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime.