DJs , The Most Neglected Professionals in the Entertainment Industry

Are Disc Jocks Professionals?

Professionalism entails a lot of meaning to it. Being professional does not mean that you have graduated from college. A professional is a person who does his craft with expertise and mastery. That’s what professionalism is all about.

In the world of entertainment, we always recount the work and contribution of the actors, directors, and everyone in the industry, However, we tend to neglect people who also belongs in the entertainment business.

These are the DJs or disc jockeys playing beautiful mixes of sounds and music during events and other gatherings. These people also have professionalism in them.

Let’s take for example DJs in Panama often complain about losing their grip in the music entertainment industry merely because some people paid them with a very minimal fee.

Comparing to the Top 100 DJs, Panama DJs clamor for a more stable pay in the industry.

Why Should We Give Them a Good Pay?

They may not have graduated with a four-year course, but playing their craft so well makes them professional in their own little way.

Some people may see them working a mean job, but their contribution to the entertainment industry is enormous. Without the DJs presence, we all have dull moments and boring events.

A DJ can literally bring the house down. It can draw the audience to an event and it can make money for people who need a crowd.

We got some good reasons why we should never take them for granted.

Professionalism Matters

Paying a good DJ brings both of you on the professional level. If a businessman invites you to an event, that means he will work out some money. You will help him do that through the crowd magnet of your music.

You both benefit from the event, therefore he must pay you for drawing in the crowd.

An exception to the rule is when a good friend of yours invites you to play for his birthday party. Well, that’s another story. Your friend does not hold a party to gain profit so playing for him for free is just fine. Anyway, it is a private affair.

It Raises a DJs Saleability

Everyone would like to get a service to the lowest price possible. Why would someone hire you for a fee if you can give it for free? Get the idea here?

Once people know that you play so well, they will try to get your service even if it is pricey.