Visiting Pixar Studios to Reminisce Childhood Memories

Everybody was once a child. All the childhood stuffs that you once enjoyed becoming a part of who you are right now. They say that childhood is that stage of life where one should enjoy life to fullest.

No worries, no problems, a child simply enjoys everything that he sees. One of the most memorable thing that a child can get is getting to see his fantasies come to life.

Cartoon characters, anime and the like all form the childhood dream and fantasies of a child. Walt Disney and other animation companies like Pixar have worked hard for this children’s dream to become a reality.

We are all familiar with Disney Characters and Disneyland which has become every child’s dream.

But did you know that there are also other animation studios aside from Disney that produces some of the well-loved cartoon characters and heroes that we have today?

Knowing Pixar Studio

Pixar is one animation studios that produced some of the well-loved characters like The Incredibles, Coco and the Toy Story.

In their animation studio in Singapore, you can see a lot of these characters and the vast studio that could match every Disneyland in the world.

Animation companies in Singapore can match and equal the quality and popularity of the Walt Disney studio in Hollywood.

Let us take a peek inside the Pixar Singapore studio and see what our eyes can feast on inside it.

Inside Pixar Studio

  • Luxo and the Great Luxo Ball

Inside the Pixar animation studio, you get to see the iconic logo of Pixar, the Luxo and the Luxo ball in a very gigantic size.

It is one of the most perfect spot for picture taking and a lot of selfies. You know that you are on Pixar if you have taken a photo in their iconic Luxo.

  • Hidden Characters that are Spread throughout the Building

It was a very genius idea of the building design that they have hidden some of Pixar’s character in the wall or paintings.

As you passed by its corridors, better take a second look, you may never know if there’s something or someone looking at you. Better scrutinize every part of the building, you may never know what you will discover next.

  • Incredibles Gallery

One of the famous Pixar Character is The Incredibles.   It has been Pixar’s practice to put up a gallery every time there is a new movie coming up. In this case, the gallery stood there for 3 to 6 months.

It is really nice to visit these places that remind you of your childhood life. One of the best ways to reminisce your childhood is by going back to the movie of your life.