Bathroom Floating Shelves Ideas For Increasing Storage Space

Do you need to enhance the storage space in the bathroom? Then building the floating shelve is the simple task. Today, most of the house owners are choosing the floating shelves to increase bathroom storage. The bathroom requires a large storage space for various reasons. In the bathroom shelves, you can store cleaning solution, toilet paper, towel, soap and much more. It allows residents to use these things easily.

Whether you need to do some changes in the old bathroom or new space you can use solid bathroom ideas move a lot of things. You can use combine design, storage and clever solution such as ideas of bathroom shelf, towel ladder and much more. The modern bathroom vanities are specially designed to offer the trendy vanity of every time. In the modern bathroom vanities for sale, you can purchase the best items for your home at a lower price.

Ideas to enhance bathroom storage space

Hang small or large baskets on the wall

Hanging the baskets on the wall is the simple method to improve the storage space in the bathroom. You want drywall anchors, washers, and few screws to hang the basket. It allows you to store toilet paper, towel and others.

Rope together buckets towers

The bucket towers is popular bathroom storage that allows you to keep hair brushes, hairspray, makeup brush, hair straightener, and other beauty products.

Build shelves between wall studsĀ 

It is very simple to build the shelves between the studs. You can build the small cabinets for the extra bathroom storage.

Install wrap-around shelf for your sinkĀ 

The pedestal sink look excellent but they have large space to stash the soap bar. You can pick up the curved cabinets and install it under the sink that helps the sink exist to its potential.