Title: Permanent Residency At Canada For International Graduates

Canada is offering an opportunity for international graduates to apply for permanent residency. This is a great chance for the graduates as it opens a lot of possibilities and opportunities for them to reside and work at Canada. Here are the steps on how to nail one.

Express Entry is one way to get ticket to be a Canadian permanent resident. It is an online tool that will verify if your eligibility that will ask about your nationality, age, education, work experience and among others. The answers you put on the survey will dictate the next step you have to pass through. If qualifications have been met, you can be possibly invited to apply to immigrate. Atlantic Immigration Pilot is an alternative way to reach Canada. It is created to address labor concerns in the market. But individuals cannot directly apply at Atlantic Immigration Pilot. Instead, it is encouraged to find a job offer first and the employer will be designated when they find a foreign national that they could hire.

Another way is thru Alberta Opportunity Stream that includes provision for post-study graduates to acquire a work permit. A minimum of 6 months full time work experience in Alberta, Canada within the last 18 months and work must be in an occupation related to the studies conducted and candidate must be incepted in and hold an Alberta-approved institution. Places such as New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island currently has no specific program to offer but candidates is best advised to take a look at Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

Before making a move to apply for Canada’s permanent residence after graduation, be sure to check out Immigration Lawyers in Toronto. It is advisable to get a legal service especially concerning immigration matters that can represent you should there be a need.