Is User Manual Writing Part Of Ba’s Job?

Business Analysts or BAs are those individuals in the company whose main job is to conduct research and analysis which shall then be used in creating solutions to the business problems. It is also their job to introduce the systems to the businesses and their clients. It is also their primary concern to help the company in improving the processes and systems.

Below are some of the detailed jobs of a Business Analyst.

Business or Information Technology Systems

The analyst is involved in designing and/or modifying the business or IT system of the company. It is only appropriate that their involvement shall be necessary as it is part of their main concerns. BAs recommendation and solutions shall also be taken when modifying the systems.

Business Stakeholders Interaction

Interacting with the stakeholders, especially experts in a certain field is a job of a Business Analyst. It is only fitting that they should have the first hand information and knowledge from them. In talking with the stakeholders, BAs could possibly learn problems, develop solutions or enhance the system out of the information they had learn from interacting and talking with the stakeholders.

Data Gathering and Analysis

Of course, it is necessary to gather data, document and information that are important, significant and accurate in order to develop a comprehensive and strategic solution to the problems. Data gathering is also necessary before doing any analysis on the process.

Other Tasks

The most common task in every organization or company is the ability of a person to do other task if necessary. If the organization is full blown and the company is big, BAs may take part in the development of user guides and not necessarily write it. But, if the organization and the company is small, the BA can write the user manual or user guide as he/she knows the details and process of the operation.