3 Dangers To Look Out For In Online Gaming

Almost everyone is into online gaming. It’s a pastime that many turn to for its gameplay, entertainment and graphics. Online games are also convenient wherein it can be played anywhere. You also meet people online and form friendships.

But if there’s one important thing to note, it’s that online gaming has its own dangers. There are many risks to take and consider when you’re putting yourself out there on the internet. Your intentions might just be to play a game but others will take advantage of you.

Here are 3 security risks to note while playing games online and how to protect yourself from them:


Most online games require you to register. This includes giving away your name, residential address, birth date, gender and email address. These are all private information and by giving these away, you are at risk in exposing your location and personal data to anyone online.

To prevent this from happening, be sure to avoid giving out real details about yourself. Refrain from putting your real name as your username. Create a different email for games only rather than use your personal or work email. This can help avoid any data breach should it happen.


Online games enable you to play with other players across the globe in real time. This is the appeal of games in order for you to meet other people and be challenged by a real life person rather than a computer. But because of such an interaction, you might stumble upon users that are rude and would bully you to no end.

This is unavoidable. But what you can do is to be aware and not entertain such users and let the comments get to you. You can also screenshot such rude comments and report them to the game’s moderators so they can have these players banned.

Extra Charges

A lot of online games are free to download. This enables many players to obtain the game. But upon registering, they’ll find out soon enough that most of the items you need to help you win the game is up for purchase. This is a marketing tactic but sometimes, if you have your credit card linked and you’re not careful, you might end up buying these items accidentally resulting in extra charges.

Do read the fine print when downloading online games. Be wary of linking your credit card as well so you don’t get billed for items you didn’t expect to buy.

Enjoy online games such as BandarQQ. They’re all a great way of de-stressing yourself. But be careful and stay vigilant so you don’t risk exposing yourself to too much harm.