Top Online Games To Enjoy With Friends In 2019

Are you an avid gamer and so is your gang? Are you planning for a mindblowing gaming night with your friends come weekend? Now, that’s so cool and your buddies must be delighted. Now, you must be looking for ideas on online gaming options for your party night? No worries- here is a brief on top online games you are sure to enjoy with friends.

Hunt: Showdown

How about some horror element in your game night? Well, if your friends are bravehearts and are up for it, “Hunt: Showdown” will be an awesome idea. Developed by Crytek, this game is played in two players. Both the characters are walking through a long trek and they have to hunt menacing eldritch demons while enroute.

Heroes of the Storm

You have another amazing option here which promises a thrilling time with heroes as well as villains from Blizzard’s different properties. Interestingly, the game doesn’t come with one single game mode and map. Instead, you will find a broad range of maps that come with unique objectives.

Online card games

Are card games the favorite game of your gang? Cards carry a universal and timeless appeal and make an amazing inclusion in any game party night. The online gaming world is bustling with a plethora of online card games. From DominoQQ to blackjack, you will find all the popular options.

League of Legends

A top favorite since its inception, League of Legends could easily be your marvelous showstopper for your coming weekend party. You can check out its standard 5v5 3-lane map. There is an even a 3v3 2-lane or single-lane map to play with. The latest version of the game comes with special-limited events that assure amazing entertainment all through. The fun part is, players here have as many as 130+ characters to pick from.