Big Businesses Adopting Bitcoin

The companies in 2019 know that they are in a transition period. This is a period marked by a shift towards digitalization of currency. If a company adopts bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency, it is sure to get recognition as a modernized company. In spite of the major benefits of digital currency, many businesses today are still quite skeptical about changing the status quo and going the bitcoin way. Here is a list of all the big businesses that have started accepting bitcoin-

  • Expedia- the travel booking site

Expedia is the travel company, which helps individuals, and companies in providing tickets, rental cars, hotels, etc. This travel company has been in business for 22 years.

  • Microsoft- the tech giant

The global tech giant Microsoft which is one of the leading companies of the internet has been accepting bitcoin wallet transactions since 2014 December. It accepts these transactions in its’ Xbox store as well as in the windows for selling games, applications, videos, and other web content.

  • Overstock-the retail site

This site, which provides household items, clothes, furniture, accessories, etc., has been one of the earliest companies, which has adopted blockchain technology. It has been 20 years for this company to be successfully involved in e-commerce.

  • PayPal-the payment site

This site, which provides a platform to its users to make online payments, has been accepting bitcoin wallet transactions since 2014 September. This company has expanded its reach to 32 countries worldwide due to its adoption of cryptocurrency.

From quicker transactions to global reach to no controlling authority the number of benefits running with cryptocurrency is fast attracting ambitious companies all over the world. Blockchain technology is the future and hence it can be said that the sooner the companies realize that and get connected to it the more favorable it can prove to be for them in the long run.