Pros And Cons Of Using Vinegar As A Weed Killer

The unwanted plants that grow along the plants are known as weeds. There are many methods and techniques to control the weeds, and also you can use weed killers to control them. You can use the organic as well as synthetic herbicide to control the weeds, but it is always suggested to use the organic methods as they can available at home are also not at all risky to use whereas the synthetic herbicides are dangerous and can cause serious health issues.

The best homemade recipe for weed killer is vinegar as it is easy to use and work as a weed killing agent. Let’s known as the pros and cons of using vinegar as controlling the weed which is as follows:-


  1. Inexpensive

Vinegar is always available at homes as it is less costly and can be found anywhere. Vinegar is affordable and also can be used with other home recipes like soap and oil to kill the weeds.

  1. Natural ingredient

Vinegar is a natural ingredient that does not have any bad impact on the grass and on the person that is using. It is easy to use, and is also very effective.


  1. Less potency

Organic weed killers have less potency than harsh chemicals. Also, vinegar mixed with any other homemade thing needs to be sprinkled or sprayed many times to make the weeds die. Because of the less potency, it is possible that it can start growing any other time also.

  1. Used in particular areas

Vinegar should be used in particular areas of weeds as when it is sprayed on plants or grass it can destroy that area also.

Additionally, before using vinegar with any mixture, try to read all the pros and cons of using vinegar for killing the weeds.