Top Perks Of Taking Part In Esports Gaming?

Since time immemorial, gaming has been pegged as somewhat of a waste of time. But, of late, especially with the rise of eSports, it is being seen in a different limelight by many. The competition has so risen in popularity that it brings forth thousands of fans across the globe not just to participate -but also experience the event as an audience. It gives gamers across the globe a platform to showcase their hidden talents and earn quite a huge sum of money. But ultimately eSports is much more than just a money-making machine. If someone is looking for the best way to organize an esports tournament s/he will be regaled to know the perks provided by it.

Here are the top perks you will experience with eSports gaming:

  • Complex event with versatility: eSports caters to a very diverse group of audience and isn’t restricted to one type of game only. Competitions are held for every type of professional mobile games as well as first-person shooter games. This is one major reason why it attracts all types of audience and from various countries and regions.
  • It is more than a trend: eSports can no longer only be considered as a mere trend. It is one of the fastest growing industries of today’s times both in terms of popularity and finance. The eSports industry is expected to generate a revenue of $ 1.4 billion as of 2020 with a viewer count of 550 million.

  • Explosive Growth: While eSports originated in Korea and in other parts of Asia, it has taken only a few years to spread its wings and become a worldwide phenomenon. Each year, its view count and revenue are known to be increasing at a staggering rate. While Asia is still most popular in holding the gaming influence, eSports has gained much exposure in Europe, Latin America and Middle East as well.