Everything About The Gantt Chart And Its Features

Gantt chart

Creating graphs and charts is one of the most major parts of operations and project management. One such chart which has been used in the field of project management ever since is called a Gantt chart. Though it may look like a difficult kind of chart to understand it is not. simply out a Gantt chart is a bar chart where the bars are laid horizontally representing various elements of a project corresponding to the time period. One can find various components on this chart which will make the entire presentation process easy and clear.

Features of the Gantt chart

There are certain things are makes a Gantt chart, and they are:

  • Time: in this chart, the time period is mentioned clearly and basically that is one of the most important features. It tells about different tasks and the date on which it started and when it ended.
  • Dependencies: in a project every task id depending on other tasks. Therefore to successfully label these dependencies with one another how much they affect one another can be shown by this chart form.
  • Milestones: a project is made up of various activities and stages. and to present these milestones this type of chart is used.
  • Persons: a project comprises of several people working together and every one of them have their own set of tasks. Thus to present this information also the Gantt chart form is used.


These charts have been used since 1915, and till date has changed many forms. Initially, they were used in the form of physical paper, and then it took a computerized turn and people started creating and storing them in computers. And now in recent times, these charts have gone online with various software. Now everyone in the project the supervisors can use the chart for information to know about the recent stage in which the project is in.