Ebay Store Design – Hire A Designer Or Do It Yourself?

eBay is a California based online shopping website that lets you buy and sell unique items. Thousands of transactions take place per day via the website making it a household name. Are you a seller looking to open an eBay store or expand the same? Well, store design will be a major criterion here. Having an attractive store design enhances shopper experience and helps you sell more products. It keeps the buyers interested in your store and they will invariably choose your store for further purchases. But designing your store takes a lot of work. You can obviously do it yourself but if you feel like you are not upto the task you simply hire a designer to get your work done.

However, hiring a designer is a costly affair, especially for new or small businesses. Thus, here are some DIY eBay store design tips for them.

If you want to design your own store you should look into these elements specifically since customizing is not just about themes and colors. Also, it is important to remember you can change your design options any time you want to. Following are the elements you can focus on when you personalize your eBay store setup:

  • Store layout: Decide on the color and theme that will be displayed when anyone opens up your store. Take note of how your merchandise will be displayed- gallery view or list view. You must also choose in which order you want your materials to be sorted: popularity, high priced, low priced, newly added and so on.
  • Promotion boxes: Promotion boxes are a great way to catch customer’s attention. Be sure to always have these boxes advertising your products and change them every month or so. This makes your store look fresh and up to date. You can also add filmstrips as promotion.

  • Search engine-friendly keywords: Keywords lend a good hand in sending traffic your way. Make sure to check which tags have been saved as your keywords and add more according to your choice.