Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wind Energy

The threat of global warming and climate change has pushed various industries to explore alternative sources of energy. Solar energy has been around for quite sometime and slowly becoming the best renewable energy source and a reliable back up power for outages, but recently another renewable energy source has been gaining popularity in various industries, wind energy.

Wind energy has actually been around for quite sometime now, it has only been recently that it received so much attention mainly due to the threat of climate change. Like any other energy sources, wind has advantages and disadvantages which we have listed down for you to better understand.

Advantages of wind energy

  • Clean and renewable source of energy

Unlike coal or oil, wind energy does not cause pollution on the air, water or soil and does not produce any destructive and harmful chemicals. Production costs are also practically none, especially in geological areas that gets lots of strong winds.

  • Can serve as an additional income for already established agricultural farms

Wind turbines that convert wind to energy source doesn’t take up that much space and can be built over vast farm lands. This will provide additional income for farm owners with not much additional operating expense.

  • Has a huge potential for growth

While wind energy has seen tremendous growth in the past years, there is still huge potential for improvement. Various people and businesses can take advantage of this potential as wind turbines are available in a wide range of sizes. Whether for personal use of as a new business venture, getting in on the wind energy resource now will have huge economical impacts in the future.

Disadvantages of wind energy

  • Relies too much on an unreliable source

It’s not always that an area gets maximum wind output which can be converted to electricity. Add that to a not so efficient function capacity of the wind turbines, then relying on wind energy alone becomes quite risky. If wind output is not ideal, it may actually leave you with no power at all.

  • Can be a noise pollution

Though considered a clean source of energy due to it not producing any by-products that pollute the environment, it produces enough noise that can be considered as a form of noise pollution. This is particularly important in wind turbines built on nearby neighborhoods.