List Of The Times Sergio Ramos Proved He’s A Dirty Football Player

Football is a game where it is extremely to follow the guidelines and avoid as much offence you can. There are cards given to a player in case they cause an offense by breaking the rule. With the introduction of online sports betting sites like bandarq, this sport has gained even more popularity and therefore is very particular about the rules and regulations, so people don’t lose their interest. These are coloured cards namely, yellow card and red card. The yellow card is given in case a player ruins the guidelines. 2 yellow cards are given and then the red card. This red card prohibits the player from playing and leaving the match instantly. One such player who is famous for having a collection of these offending cards is Sergio Ramos, a Spanish player who is also the captain of Spain. This man has a record of the highest number of red cards in the history of football and therefore is considered as the dirtiest football player.

Why is Ramos considered to be the dirtiest player?

Sergio Ramos is said to be the hardest player of all times. He has proven it time and time again that he would go to any heights in a game without showing decency towards other teams. Even though he’s a captain, he leaves no stone unturned in making his way through unfair means.

  • While Madrid was travelling for Viktoria Plzen during the championship, Sergio stuck out his right arm in the last minute, leaving the opposition furious at his act as this could’ve injured his nose
  • In Liverpool final, while defending himself, Sergio stuck on the ground by the Egyptian player, but he took Mohammad Salah along with him causing the player a shoulder injury. This brought him a total of 3 red cards

Therefore, this is why Sergio Ramos is the dirtiest football player.