Ways To Hang Curtains

You probably have just shifted to a new place and doing the interiors is not an easy task. Where to put that clock, how to hang those curtains? These little things matter a lot. And curtains specifically are a very important part of your d├ęcor, they add to the beauty of your rooms or those empty windows. And thus, here are a few ways in which you can hang your curtains to make your house look great.

The Rod Pockets

The first way is to put them in a rod. Some curtains have rod pockets sewn on their tops for them to slide easily into the rods. This is most common and classy way to hang your curtains and make the empty spaces look beautiful. You can use gordijnband to pleat them nicely into the rods.

The Coat Hooks

The second way is to hang multiple coat hooks on your wall. Coat hooks are not just used to hang your clothes, but the stronger ones can hold heavy curtains too. You can buy cute, designer ones which go with your curtains to make your wall look great.

The Cup Hooks

Take some cup hooks and paint them into the same colors your curtains are of and then just like coat hooks, hang your curtains on these cup hooks. The best part of them being that they are very cheap and you can give a great DIY look to your rooms.

The Door knobs

You can find antique looking door knobs in a few shops selling them, buy those, fix them to your walls where you want to hang your curtains and drape your curtains creatively around those knobs to give a classy and elite look to your room. This look would work the best in a large hall with a big empty wall, or a window.