All You Need To Know About The Best Fluorescent Tubes Using In The Aquarium Plants?

It is a very crucial aspect to install the fluorescent tubes in the aquarium plants because it makes a difference between the actual appearance of the tank and plants. The roles of fluorescent tubes are to enhance the life of live plants, and they also look reliable in the tanks. Whenever you are buying a light for your tank then always choose wisely because if you pick the wrong light, then it will damage the plants as well as gives adverse effects on fishes too. And if you consider the right fluorescent tube for you, then it will increase productivity as well as the life of the aquarium plants.

The fluorescent tubes look amazing in aquarium plants and also control the temperature of the water in a proper and adequate manner. You can easily look forward to the Melbourne aquarium plants shop for buying aquarium plants as well as suitable fluorescent tubes for your aquarium.

The best fluorescent tubes used in the aquarium plants:

There are several amounts of options available for you in choosing the right fluorescent tubes in your aquarium plants, and they also come in different sizes and shapes such as they are available in bulb form also.  You can appraise fluorescent, incandescent, metal halide, dischargeable battery, and light-emitting diode for installing in your aquarium. As they are less expensive and have consistency as well as durability so you can appraise them to install in your fish tank or aquarium.

Always keep one thing in mind, which is that the fluorescent tubes add variations and enhance the quality of plants as well as fish, so consider them wisely for installation and pick the most reliable one. So that you don’t have to do maintenance as well as comes under your budget.

How Much light is required in the Aquarium?

It all depends upon which plants you have chosen for your aquarium. If you have selected nothing but little plants, For medium-size plants you can use 20-40 lumen per litre, but the high-quality plants require more than 40 lumens of light per liter.

The convenient and effective way to use the light to its fuller capacity is using a good reflector. You should also keep a check that the temperature of the light does rise to a very high level as it will inevitably cause a problem for plants as well as fishes. If the black band are not visual in the reflection, the reflector is perfectly installed. If black stripes appear in the reflection, then it requires some changes.

Why is LED more compatible?

The most significant disadvantage with the fluorescent tubes is that they are more spacious. So it is possible to use a lot of units in an aquarium. If you consider how much light you get from each watt of the tube light the difference no so big on its own to justify changing your tube lights to an LED. If you are already planning to buy new lights for your aquarium, you should only adopt the smart LED lights solutions.

The perfect light for your aquarium is to catch the attention of the public. Lighting is an essential feature for the decoration of your aquarium. It can be the focal point of your place. Individual can use decent LED lights to enhance the beauty of aquarium.

There are variety of options available at a time when individual plans to choose the best lighting effect for his aquarium. There is a massive variety of lights depending on qualities such as sizes, colours and different attributes.

Standard fluorescent lights supply extreme lighting effect and a minimal amount of heat is emitted through it. Compact fluorescent lights give more light results and are built into an aquarium. Metal halide lights have the benefit of providing full spectrum. They are good at reproducing the tropical lighting that much freshwater fish had in their natural environment and maintain photosynthesis, which is beneficial for plants. But they can produce a lot of heat.

LED lights are much efficient than standard fluorescents and metal lights in terms of temperature. They are available in several customized light colours and intensities. This increased popularity can be an effective result on the environment. LED lighting has become so trendy in for all your home needs. It is suitable for all types of area which require a lighting effect, and they are more beneficial for aquariums, which could require lighting up to 12 hours a day.

Low level of energy 

They take very less power to run as compared to fluorescent tubes quite a bit less. LED aquarium lighting uses only 20 percent electricity than other aquarium lights. Your energy cost savings alone will make a huge difference in the cost of LED as it is a bit costlier.

Low heat emission

LED lights do not generate the heat as compared to fluorescent light bulbs. They cannot heat your aquarium water or give any effect to plants or fishes. However, they require a great air transformation, so the heat they emit does not affect the lifespan of the LED circuit and keep them away from other types of problems. This makes the quality of LED more durable.

Long-lasting Durability

A popular advantage of LED lights is that they last far longer than other traditional types of lighting. LED lights to last for up to almost six years more as compared with two to four months for incandescent lights, one year for standard fluorescent bulbs and metal halide bulbs.

Light intensity

LED lights can be dimmed and controlled according to the requirement of the individual. It has a feature of a natural dimming at sunset and the reverse at sunrise. This is particularly good for fishes living in natural water, as a dim blue light can be left on the tank to bring the effect of the tube light. It can be beneficial for feeding and viewing purposes. Modern LED lights can be operated with the help of a remote or mobile application. Smart lighting automatically adjusts the temperature and its intensity in the aquarium.

Color options

LED lights to come in a variety of colors, which can be used to change the intensity of tank in exciting ways as per the needs of the individuals. White light promotes photosynthesis of your plants and enhances the colours of orange, red, and yellow fish. Just like this, you can use various colors according to the beauty of the fishes. There are even modes with different colours of LED lights you can program according to the environment you need in your aquarium.

Disadvantages of LED


LED systems tend to be a bit more costly to purchase as compared to fluorescent tubes. Your budget will need to be higher, even though you will balance this effect in energy savings as well as bulb replacement costs. It requires high maintenance if it causes any problem.

Spaced plant aquariums

Another primary weakness is in the area of planted aquariums. Many LED light fixtures are only suited for low to medium lighting needs. It will good for all types of fishes and for several numbers of plants. Some plants require adequate lighting to have productive growth, so they are not able to grow in LED lights.


Many aquarium systems that include a light or top with light do not offer LED lights. Popular aquarium systems only offered with standard fluorescent light bulbs. However, you cannot find LED options to your owned hoods aquarium. These LED are to be purchased individually and are quite expensive. They are not available at all the aquarium shops.