What Is Basement Waterproofing? Know It’s 3 Types.

The basement waterproofing system is a system that helps prevent any kind of water leakage in the basement and helps protect that foundation and the wood of the basement. This system is usually required in houses wherein the basement or cellar is built at the ground or below the ground. If you stay in an area where the water level in the ground will rise above the water table, make sure that you have this system installed in your basement.

Here are the three different types of basement proofing:

  • Interior Sealant: Interior sealant is not a permanent measure, but it is a temporary way to prevent your basement from snow and frost in the winter season. These are basically in a spray form and are directly applied on the floor and walls of the basement. They also prevent condensation as well as humidity of the basement.


  • Exterior sealant: Exterior sealant or basement waterproofing systems are used to prevent groundwater from the making contact with walls of the basement hence preventing things like moulds or any other form of damage that is caused due to wetness in the basement.


  • Water Drainage: Drainage is also considered as an effective way of waterproofing. The waterproofing by drainage works by taking water away from the basement and then draining it out through the pump system. These pumps can be installed by plumbers or even made by you as a DIY activity.

These are the three different types of basement waterproofing systems. Waterproofer bel air MD and many other types of waterproofers are available in the market for preventing your basement from water. It is very important to have your basement away from water as it can develop cracks and the pressure form water can cause some severe damage to your walls. Keep your basement safe and sound.