DIY guide to make Halloween princess dresses for kids

Talk about the best themes for Halloween costumes for kids and the princess outfits top the wishlist of almost all the little angels. Is you tiny princess too looking forward to flaunt a princess attire the coming trick-or-treat night? Well, that’s so adorable. The fun part is, making a princess dress is a really a breeze and also a cost-saver instead of buying it. The post below offers a brief on DIY princess dress ups.


What would you need?

  • Pink t-shirt (your child’s size)
  • Pink tulle fabric (6” by 25 yards, 3 spools)
  • Pink satin ribbons (2 inch. wide ribbons, 2 or 3 spools)
  • Thread & needle
  • Scissors

Making the dress

Step 1

Get the t-shirt and scissor. Now, cut around 2 inch. slits around the shirt’s bottom, at both back & front.

Step 2

Next, you will have to cut tulle. You will cut the fabric in 35 inch. strips.

Step 3

Now, you will need to tie the strips around the slits of the tee. Tie each one of the individually till you cover the entire t-shirt, both at the front and the back.

Step 4

Then, you will have to layer up the place with multiple tulle strips to give a plump-up look. Use all the tulle you have. The tulle fabric will render a soft plush feel and also will create a gown-like appearance.

Step 5

You will find gaps at places where your tulle fabric meets the little shirt. This is where the ribbon will come to the rescue. Tie the ribbons in all those gaps with thick knots at the top. It will be really cool if you can shape up cute little bows with the ribbons.

Step 6

Make two cute bows with ribbons and sew them into the hem of each sleeve of the t-shirt.

And your DIY lovely princess dress is all set for your little angel.