Several Types Of Contact Lenses For You

Do you often squeeze your eyes like a lemon when trying to see things far away? Well, you have got weak eyesight, my dear. To help you see accurately and clearly, there are optical aids that can either be lenses or glasses. Choosing one from either of it is entirely on you, but I’ve seen people with glasses being troubles with furious nicknames and ignored eye makeup, so I usually prefer pink contact lenses.

A brief introduction to the contact lenses:

Lenses started to gain momentum in the 1970s. These are available in a wide variety of colors, so if you are no so crazy about the natural color of your eye or want to darken up, you can choose a consistent tone of the lens. Also this, there is a specific type of lenses available in the market according to their price and material used. This property of lenses convinces people better for wearing them. On the contract, some people might choose contact glasses over lenses as per their comfort level. Well, again, it depends on you, so let it be anything.

Various uses of contact lenses:

Fast forward to the new millennium, and the news is that everyone is into contact lenses. As mentioned above, people with weak eyesight wear them as aid. But there are even those who without any eye problems like to wear contact lenses. These people use them as props, Such as in the case of movies and screenplays. Or there could be people who want to change the color of their eyes for a while, temporarily. I have seen a lot of people doing this to make social media videos or photos enjoyable.

Contacts lenses are now part of our daily lives. You will see your friends wearing them; well, youth is very much into this trend. But, not only child, might you have seen your family members using these lenses in functions or over a pretty dress on which standard glasses do not suit. Perhaps even you are using it to read all this.

Important note regarding the contact lenses…

Thanks to modern technology, everyone can choose different types of lenses, according to its purpose, color, and price. However, you ought to consult your doctor first before stepping into the lenses store. This is because the lenses are a sensitive wearable that touches the eye membrane directly. To be specific, this affects the cornea. Our cornea is painful, and this is the part that is responsible as to why we can see. Damaging your cornea due to improper use of lenses can harm your eye and lead you to the hospital.

What are the Different Types of Lenses?

In the 1970s, contact became mass-produced. But there are very few of their kinds. People started wearing soft lenses. As stated in their name, they are easy to install. The softness makes wearing them feel natural. There is another one called PMMA, which was the only alternative. They are hard, so it took weeks for people to adapt. There were even instances that people stopped using them.

With scientific advances, silicone lenses were introduced in 2002. This type of contact is trendy around the world. Gas lenses are rigid like the PMMA. They allow oxygen, and they are also recommended for those with astigmatism. Hybrid is not widely used because they are challenging to wear.

Polymethyl methacrylate lenses are challenging to wear. It’s because they don’t deliver oxygen to the cornea. A small population of people uses them. We still can’t deny that contacts have come a long way. There’s too much variety. And this is great because people can now wear them any time, and anywhere.

A quick guide to wear Lenses: 

Wearing lenses can be easy for other people, but initially, it needs patience, carefulness, and practice. There are two types of contacts, and these are daily worn and extended wear. For the former, you need to remove them nightly. They are also fragile, so they are better when always disposed of.

Why can you not wear contact lenses to sleep?

Wearing lenses in your sleep can damage your eyes. Your tears are composed of carbohydrates and salt. These are the ideal recipe for bacterial infection. The extended wear is different, and they can be worn overnight, they also have a longer lifespan of up to a week. It is still recommended to clean them before sleep.

I again have to mention that it is advised to you to remove lenses before sleeping. To explain it the scientific way, just like you, your body breathes too. Our eye is such an organ which gets oxygen from the environment itself, rather than form blood vessels as in other organs. This is why when you sleep wearing lenses, the contact of eye with oxygen cuts, and it becomes difficult for it to stay healthy. Thus you suffer from various problems after sleeping in lenses like inflamed or swollen eyes, sore and red eyes, watery eyes with blurred vision, etc

Note: the tear we shed also helps the eye in getting cleaned but sleeping in lenses prevents that as well. There are fluid chambers in our eye that produce tears called aqueous humor. Also, the rheum that you see in general amount forms in very significant amount when you sleep in lenses. It is awful for your eyes. So better do not sleep in lenses!

Always take good care of your visual hygiene, along with taking good care of your eyes. It’s because it’s better to have a good vision than depending on these optical aids. That way, you don’t have to wear them because you need to, but because you like to.

Long story short…

Always ask your doctor when you are going to wear contacts. Your doctor will ensure the lenses suited to your problem. He will prescribe you the type of lenses according to your eyesight, whether it is healthy or weak. In addition to this, he will guide you the best way to wear and use lenses so that you don’t end up being trouble cause of them.