Gaming has gone far since its birth during the early 60’s. Before, gaming only provided means for people to entertain themselves casually, never making any significant contribution to the society in general. Nowadays, gaming has gotten so big that people have started making careers out of it. It has been estimated that by 2020, the entire gaming industry will be worth around $ 180 billion USD.

However, despite the evolution of games and the gaming industry in general, there are facets of it that can be considered a step back. Let’s look more into the evolution and devolution of gaming.

Gaming and the internet

One major improvement in the dynamics of games is the integration of internet. This has made it possible for players all across the globe to interact and play with each other, with out limitations. The integration of the internet into games has opened up a multitude of features in games and gaming industry. And with the advancement of internet technology, playing online has become so seamless that there are practically no Nonton bola online tanpa buffering experienced now.

Gaming and the e-sports

The evolution of gaming has paved the way for e-sports, which is now considered to be a legitimate sports activity. For the past decade, countless world tournaments feature the most popular online and multiplayer games have been held. These have events have also gotten the attention of various companies that sponsorships have allowed them to offer millions of dollars as prizes.

Gaming addiction

Games have now become so immersive that there are individuals have spent hours and hours of their lives playing certain games. This may sound like a good thing, but if any person starts to prioritize playing games over important aspects of their lives, then gaming addiction occurs. Now a recognized mental illness by WHO, gaming addiction cases have risen together with the gaming industry’s success.