Types Of  Drug Rehab And Addiction Treatment Programs

Looking for the best rehab center for your loved one or yourself? You may have varied options but no idea what will be the best possible treatment? Worry not, we have you covered here. The type of programs prescribed for addiction issues usually depends on the severity of the addiction. The rehab centers provide treatment for drug abuse and treatment for alcohol use disorder as well.

So here are some of treatment approaches you can look for, according to the patient’s conditions, while looking for a rehab center.

  • Inpatient Treatment Program

Also known as residential drug rehab, this program is generally for the people who are down with severe addiction issues. The patient is moved in to the rehab facility full time for treatment and constant monitoring by specialized doctors and other medical staff.

The first step in inpatient treatment program is detoxification of the drugs or alcohol from the body. It follows with counseling and after care. The counselors help the patients to figure out the underlying cause for the drug abuse. They also guide them about the coping mechanisms to ensure those causes don’t repeat again. In fact, inpatient treatment programs are also ideal for those people who want to get sober but fall prey to a negative environment at home and surrounds.

  • Outpatient Treatment Program

This is a day care program. The process and the treatment approaches are pretty much similar to that of the inpatient treatment program. The only difference between the two is that outpatient program allows treatment process in the evening and allows you to go back home later. The ideal patients for this program are those who do not suffer from much serious conditions. This program is also for people who require staying at home environment. Besides, outpatient programs are also prescribed for those who have successfully completed their inpatient program.