How To Choose The Best Reiki Classes?

Reiki is a form of therapy used for healing by using hands or palms; that’s why it is better known as palm healing. In this therapy, the therapist places his hand above the body of the patient and heals the problem in his body.

The idea behind this therapy is to transfer the energy in the patient’s body and help him to improve quickly. There are various reiki classes available where anyone can learn reiki and master himself in the therapy.

You must be heedful while choosing the courses for reiki as there are numerous options, you should choose the best.

What are the different types of reiki?

To choose the best class, you must have profound knowledge about reiki, which would help you to compare the classes and choose the best one out of them. There are different types of reiki that heal the body in different ways:


It is the oldest and purest form of reiki, created by Dr. Mikao Usui and is the first type of reiki ever existed.


This form uses modern western concepts in the reiki and is a modern version of the therapy. It was developed in Japan.

Tips to consider choosing the best reiki classes


You need to consider your character and then find a class that suits your personality. Various reiki classes use multiple methods and philosophies to teach art. You must select the method you want to learn according to your personality.

If you are more traditional and like to get involved in rituals, you should choose the class that teaches symbolic ways of channeling the energy. You must check the method they use to teach reiki, and if that method suits you or not.