Differences Between Playing Pubg On Mobile Versus On Pc

Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds also referred as PUBG came as a vast wave in the gaming world. However it lost some of its active players to the rival game Fortnite. In attempt to rise again the PUBG franchise presented with the android version of PUBG mobile.

An overview

The players who have witnessed the gameplay of the PC version might find the mobile version to be similar in many ways. Apart from the technical difference of overall design layout which might make the initial path to chicken dinner a bit tricky rest all is the same. But there are some PUBG hacks which might help in these circumstances.

The differences lay here

Some of the major differences between PUBG mobile and PUBG pc are:

One of the major difference between the pc and the mobile version is the relative costing. The pc version is paid whereas the mobile version is free of cost. The mobile version features the rewards like daily login awards, prizes, level ups, boosts, experiences and free crates also. Daily experience points reward free 5 crates.

Provision of different games modes: only the Erangel map has been adapted but the availability of other maps is still subjected to citation. Plus the  first person perspective mode is not present all through the game although can be found in the duo and the squad mode.

Addition of training mode: in the mobile version of the PUBG game a new feature of training mode has been introduced wherein the players can learn before playing and hone their skills before entering into the battlefield.

Recoil and auto aim reduced: unlike the pc version it isn’t possible in the mobile version to control mini and complex movement. As to fix the problem the mobile version is attributed with recoil and auto aim reduced features.