Get Familiar With The Types Of Hanging Gas Fireplace

Fireplace concept has been used for centuries but now humans are using technology. New kinds of fireplaces are available, which is great.

Nevertheless, it is also becoming a challenging task for choosing the right one. There are varieties of pre-designed indoor fireplaces a homeowner can opt for.

  • Wood fireplace¬†

People adore the traditional wood-burning fireplace. The sound of crackling wood and glow from a real fire is an appealing factor.

The drawback is a with busy lifestyle, maintenance is necessary and there is a safety issue related to a real fire. It even emits CO2. However, you get to choose from –

  • Masonry
  • Inserts
  • Enclosed

Gas fireplaces

The high efficiency hanging gas fireplace contribute to the environment because the energy needed to warm your room decreases.

Gas fireplace types

  • Direct vent

Piping or chimneys are needed to pull air from outdoors inside the chamber for combustion. No flue is needed as cool combustion gases are produced.

  • Ventless

Automatic ignition means you can use it during power outages. No smoke, no chimney and very much affordable. The only drawback is its potential to release CO, CO2 and sulfur dioxide.

  • Ethanol fireplaces

Similar to gas fireplaces, ethanol needs no chimney or flue. It is eco-friendly but needs frequent refueling.

  • Insert
  • Wall-mounted
  • Tabletop

Electric fireplaces

The best option is zonal heating, thus the dependence on central heating reduces. You get to choose from inserts wall-mount and with a TV stand.

Gas fireplaces are user-friendly and versatile. Electric minimally impacts the environment. Wood-burning offers more authentic ambiance but needs maintenance. The most suitable fireplace choice is subjective!