4 Most Annoying Types Of Law Students

Law students are undoubtedly some of the brightest of all. They are the torchbearers of justice in near future and hold the solemn responsibility to establish law and order in the society. However, if you ask seasoned attorneys in harrisburg pa, there is a bunch of students who can be really annoying. The post below sheds light on some of these irritating students to be careful of bin future.

Constant debater

Arguments sit at the very crux of legal representation. But that doesn’t mean one can break into arguments every now and then. There are some students in a law school who start arguments just at the drop of a hat only to prove themselves as future lawyers. And needless to mention, these students are simply irritating.

Hypocrite altruist

These are law students who claim to be huge changemakers in the society. They seem to be sternly against lawyers who take up jobs in high-profile corporate offices and look down on those who don’t work with non-profits. Ironically, these very students don’t shy away from sporting high end accessories and leading an affluent life.

 The drifter

Every law class has at least one drifter in every batch. He hardly comes to the class and even when he comes, he is mostly high. For him, he still has 5-6 more years to pass out of the law school. These students are mostly from highly affluent families who do not have to bother about student loans and other such hardships in life.

The 7th generation lawyer

Another type of students who are extremely irritating are the ones who use their family legacy in referring to anything regarding law. They are the students whose entire family has been in the legal career for generations. And, thus they have this inflated opinion that they have the last word about law in the class.