Tips For Switching From Your Winter Handbag To Your Summer Handbag

The warm weather is here to stay, Ladies, so it’s time to switch over from the bulky and overstuffed winter handbag to the lightweight summer one. Whether you choose to carry a small fabric pouch or an over sized straw handbag, the key is to eliminate the extras and travel as light as possible. Summer is the time to be footloose and fancy free, so your handbag should reflect that. Get out your current handbag and your new, fun summer one and put them next to each other on the couch or the coffee table.

First things first. Discard old receipts, grocery lists and To Do Lists. We all acquire them, stuff them in our handbag during the course of the day and then forget about them. These easily overlooked items get carried around with us for months until a good time arrives to sort through them and dump ninety percent of it in the trash. Now is the time. You definitely don’t want to clutter up your summer handbag with unnecessary paper. If you are undecided as to the importance of an item, place it in an envelope and put it in a drawer. You can learn all about designer replica handbag here. You get the best fashion tips for designer handbags and other stuff as well.

Go Through Your Makeup Bag With A Critical Eye. If you are like me and always purchase a new makeup bag when you purchase a new handbag, now is a great time to weed out the heavy makeup items from winter. Examine each makeup item closely and discard any that seem to be close to expiration or that you are simply tired of. Transfer only the bare essentials to your summer handbag. Summer is the time for bare faces, or as close to it as you are comfortable. Definitely include your lip balm with sunscreen as lips are often neglected while protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Transfer your pressed powder or blotting papers for reducing summer shine. A pretty lipstick, coral or shimmery pink blush, your eyelash curler and you’re all set.

Clean Out Your Wallet And Remove Unused Credit Cards. Carry your debit card, one credit card for emergencies, (such as when Macy’s has their half price swimsuit sale!) and place the others in a safe place at home. Summertime is often very hectic with lots of day trips and traveling to crowded places such as amusement parks and beaches. No reason to carry a handbag full of credit cards that will be a thief’s goldmine should your bag get lost or stolen.

Fill A Small Ziplock Bag With First Aid Items And A Roll Of Quarters. This needn’t be big and bulky, but should be considered essential for your summer handbag. Summertime means flip flops and sandals, bike rides in the park and impromptu visits to the beach. This can also mean bug bites, stubbed toes and minor scrapes and scratches. Include some antibiotic cream, a small packet of cleansing wipes and band aids. Nothing can ruin a summer outing faster than being unprepared for a minor injury. Mothers will attest to this, but even adults can have a slight mishap and wind up miserable for the duration. Better to be safe than sorry. A roll of quarters will always come in handy for tolls, parking meters and a pay phone should your cell phone malfunction.

A Lightly Scented Sachet will keep your summer handbag smelling fresh and clean all summer, so make sure to leave room for one.

Remember the sunscreen, put your sunglasses on and go have some summer fun with your new summer handbag!