A Free Online Game: MyCoke

“MyCoke” is a game online that is free of charge, yet it holds many tasks to accomplish that can entertain a person for a very long time.

In MyCoke you can create and mix your own songs in the ‘Musicmixer’ section. When creating music there is many different kinds of sounds and instruments ready for use to create your own unique music. The music you create isn’t terribly long, but the idea of it is fun in general. But what exactly is the point of this Musicmixer? After you create and mix your personally made songs, you can go out into ‘CokeStudios’. I will get more into ‘CokeStudios’ in general momentarily. But when in the world of CokeStudios, the purpose of having your music is to play as a DJ. Each player stands in line if they wish to share their mix, when they reach the front they automatically walk to the DJ stand and the music plays. Which music plays depends on which song you choose from your arsenal of unique songs. After you are done playing, the other people in the room can vote if you were good or bad, and you get decibels for how well you played.

Decibels are the currency used in MyCoke to buy furniture and other useful items. There are many ways to gain debibels easily. These ways include just drinking Coca-Cola in the game and you get some debibels, you can do this multiple times, and playing your songs in crowded rooms. Once you gain enough decibels you can get some real cool furniture for your room. You should also check out Judi Bola Online to know more about this game. You can learn more about the game as you master it.

Yes, in the world of CokeStudios you get more than just areas to walk into and play your music, you actually get your own, personal room. In this room you can invite friends to chat, or even have it open for the public to come into. When you create your room, you can furnish it by using your hard earned decibels. There are many different furnishings you can buy, and each of them look pretty cool. In CokeStudios you can buy couches, chairs, posters, lights, mirrors, barriers, and much, much more.

It must be pretty boring walking around as a pre-made character, so it’s a good thing you can create your own! Each person can create their own unique look called their “V-Ego”. When creating this “V-Ego” you can change their hair, shirt, pants, shoes, and more. This is your own unique look, it can be as silly or as serious as you really want it to be. Either way, I am pretty sure you can always just change it anyway.

Besides walking around and creating your unique music, there are other tasks that you can uphold. There are many other games you can play within the realm of the MyCoke website such as trivia and other arcade type games. So as you can see, there are many things to do, so you should not get bored easily.

One unique thing about MyCoke is that is sets a curfue for the servers at 2AM EST. This can be a good idea to help keep youth from ruining their circadian rhythm, but it’s kind of bad at the same time for other older people that want to play… but cannot. Either way you look at it, it’s a decent security idea for some other websites to help control childrens sleep times somewhat.

I saved the best thing about CokeMusic for last. The best thing about CokeMusic is that it’s 100% free. There are so many objetives to accomplish in this game, and it doesn’t cost a penny. I heavily recommend this game to any person of any age group. The only thing you have to worry about for younger kids is the possible language other people use, it is an online game and MyCoke cannot truly prevent any obscure content except with their filters which can only go so far.