Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) PvP Warzone Etiquette

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) PvP (player versus player) is available to all characters level 10 and above. Levels 10-49 game in warzones together and level 50 characters get their own area and specialized gear. While in warzones you work on a team with others in one of three randomly selected scenarios. In each secnario, you must complete objectives and prevent the enemy from doing the same.

While PvP is meant for fun, some players take it very seriously. You can keep it cool and avoid conflict by observing basic SWTOR PvP etiquette. These will help you win the game and you will be able to communicate with your team members more effectively. pussy888 apk download is another app that you can use in order to learn more about gaming etiquettes.

Call Out Incoming Threats

In SWTOR PvP warzones, communication and teamwork are necessary components of victory. If you’re guarding a door, turret, or goal line and notice incoming enemies, you should “call out inc.” This means you should notify your team members of incoming enemies in ops chat, such as “5 inc east door.” This lets your teammates know when you need help and prevents losing the objective.

Have Patience

PvP quests are available at level 10 in SWTOR. Even the most experienced player can only do so much with a level 10 character-they don’t have the skills and abilities of a level 49 character.

On many occasions, I’ve noticed PvP team members getting frustrated at the amount of low-level characters in a PvP match. The arguing takes up more time and divides the team. People stop to type when they should be playing and the words only insult the players of low-level characters.

Similarly, some players get angry when they feel as though others aren’t doing their jobs. This is especially frustrating when the accuser doesn’t understand all of the character classes.

Before I obtained my mass heal ability, my Jedi Consular Sage only had one mobile heal. In other words, I had to stop to cast all other heal. It was difficult for me to follow and heal the ball carrier in huttball because of this-but the person accusing me didn’t understand that I could not always heal on the go.

Thank Your Tank, Tip Your Healer

When someone helps you out in PvP, give her some recognition. You can do this by publicly thanking that player in the ops chat. In SWTOR, you also have the opportunity to vote for MVP (most valuable player). MVP votes translate into valor. If someone really helps you, you should always toss that player an MVP vote.

As I play a healer and don’t do much damage, it’s always rewarding to receive MVP votes. This lets me know that I’ve done a decent job and that my efforts really helped our team succeed.

Learn the Rules

If you don’t know the rules or strategies of PvP warzones, check out the SWTOR forums and ask your teammates in ops chat. Some general tips:

In Civil War and Void Star, beware of stealthers. They can sneak up and capture the objective under cover. Use AOEs (area of attack abilities) aggressively to keep mobs of enemies from the objectives. When an enemy plants a bomb or turns a turret, do your best to immediately reverse it.

In Huttball, pass the ball-especially if you aren’t a tank. It’s a team game and most characters cannot make it from ‘neutral ball’ territory to the end zone alive. Always help the ball carrier and get open for a pass.

Medals are excellent, but you should always put the objectives and health of the team above your medal collection. Generally, players will vote for the most helpful player even if he was not the one with the most medals. As the player of healer with low objective points and kill counts, I can attest to this.

Grouping Up

Whenever possible, it’s most efficient to enter warzones in groups. You can /invite in the chat window to add someone to a group and then queue as a group by selecting that option on the PvP icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Always ask before inviting someone to a group and queuing for PvP.

When playing my healer, I usually queue with tank and DPS (damage per second) characters. This creates a trifecta of stability and success.

Check Your Temper

It’s easy to get frustrated in PvP, especially since each class has limitations. I often get frustrated in Huttball because my class does not survive very long in that warzone. However, I try to keep my temper in check during the game. There’s no point in typing in all caps to teammates (that symbolizes yelling) or screaming at my guildmates on voice chat.