Social Media- Its Use For E-commerce

The social media revolution is known to one and all today. The 90s generation can be considered the last of the ‘classic old era’ who had everything simple and no hi tech smart phones or tablets but cricket, football, hide and seek, etc. during outdoors and comic books, cartoons, ludo with snake and ladders, and MTV music for indoors.

That is how they used to pass their leisure time. Gradually, as it happens with each passing decade, technology advanced and upgraded itself into something bigger and wider.

Print and electronic media gave way to social media with social networking sites like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. becoming overnight sensations and which are ruling the roost today.

Everything has come up online with the new age digital media where you can find youngsters opening up their own online portals and news agencies and gaining name and fame with millions of subscribers worldwide.

In such a scenario, how can e-commerce be left out? E commerce, or electronic commerce, is the process of doing business online such as buying and selling of goods and services.

Social media has provided invaluable help to many a job deprived youth across the world by providing them a wider range of platform and job opportunities all the while sitting at home and also a decent income.

The ConsumerEpic website is one where you can give your reviews on the products used and share your experiences which has become a profession of sorts.

7 social media tips for ecommerce website:

  • Just accumulate data information by sharing your products online and with a brief description of your business
  • Join sites like facebook, twitter and instagram and youtube
  • Make youtube videos explaining the benefits of the product and the business cycle
  • Never sell anything online as that may look like some fraudulent scheme
  • Attract customers with engaging and light hearted stories of your research
  • Add some exclusive offers that are unique
  • Share your information with other sites who have a bigger and wider following